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Ние сме млада компания, създадена през 2010 г., в продължение на много години сме се превърнали в важно име за доставката на качествени лекарства за ХИВ / СПИН в света. Ние доставяме нашите продукти на различни болници и клиники по целия свят. Продуктите, които предлагаме, включват цялата фармацевтична гама от всички терапевтични категории от производството на водещи фармацевтични компании. Свържете се с нас днес, за да се възползвате от невероятната отстъпка за нашите различни продукти! Лечение на ХИВ и СПИН | ХИВ / СПИН наркотици

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The treatment of HIV and AIDS: modern medicine

Experts attribute HIV and AIDS to the so-called slow infections. From the moment the virus enters the body to the formation of a pronounced clinical picture can take from ten to fifteen years. One hundred percent to rid the body of the patient from the virus today is impossible. However, the use of drugs makes it possible to delay the development of AIDS – human immunodeficiency syndrome. This syndrome is the main manifestation of HIV.

In order to choose the right medication, the doctor needs to find out at what stage the disease is – at the stage of HIV infection or at the stage of AIDS. Depending on this, the direction of treatment is chosen: the impact on the virus or the treatment of concomitant diseases and complications.

The impact on the immunodeficiency virus is carried out through highly active antiretroviral therapy (baart). At the same time, antiretroviral drugs are used, which can be divided into five groups:

* nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors;

* non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors;

· protease inhibitor;

* integrase inhibitors;

* fusion inhibitors.

The dose and combination of drugs for each patient are selected individually, taking into account a number of factors. In particular, the doctor focuses on

the level of human immune cells (CD4 lymphocytes), the presence of clinical symptoms of the disease, the degree of viral load and the presence of complications. The patient undergoes a full examination, and only after that the doctor selects his therapy regimen. With a certain periodicity, the patient visits the doctor for control examinations. The patient takes medications for life.

Depending on the purpose of treatment of HIV or AIDS, there are three directions of therapy: etiotropic, pathogenetic, symptomatic. Etiotropic, aka antiretroviral therapy for HIV, is aimed at inhibiting the development of the virus in the cells of the immune system. This is the main type of treatment, which is undertaken at all stages of the disease. Pathogenetic therapy is designed to restore the activity of the immune system at the stage of AIDS development. It is carried out using drugs of different pharmacological groups, primarily immunomodulators. Symptomatic therapy is used at the stage of development of the consequences of AIDS. This is a supportive treatment aimed at the destruction of infections, maintaining the activity and performance of the body.

It is worth remembering the resistance of the virus to the action of drugs. In order for the therapy to be effective, the patient should be examined regularly. This will allow the doctor to monitor the level of CD4-lymphocytes and the degree of viral load. These indicators help to understand whether a particular type of therapy, or should choose a different combination and dosage of drugs. It is noteworthy that the therapy with one or two drugs does not make it possible to control the number of viral particles: viruses quickly mutate and adapt to drugs. Therefore, usually in therapy using three or four drugs. Take medication should be strictly in accordance with the schedule, by the hour, and you can not miss the reception. Treatment of HIV and AIDS Buy Medicines HIV / AIDS Drugs from India

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