Qurdac (Daclatasvir 60mg)

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Qurdac - the newest drug against the hepatitis C virus of all 4 genotypes. It is a generic drug manufactured by Strides Shasun (India). Read more
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  • Strides Shasun Ltd.
  • Trade name Qurdac
  • Substance Daclatasvir 60 mg
  • Manufacturer Strides Shasun

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Qurdac - the newest drug against the hepatitis C virus of all 4 genotypes. It is a generic drug manufactured by Strides Shasun (India).

Buy Qurdac recommended for the treatment of hepatitis C 1, 2, 3, 4 genotype. Included in the active substance has a blocking effect on the protein NS5A. Protein is needed by the virus for further spread and growth. In the absence of this protein, the virus stops reproduction and does not get from the cells into the blood. The drug works in conjunction with other drugs against hepatitis C.

The drug is available in the form of tablets, which include the active substance Daclatasvir in the amount of 60 mg per unit. The price of Qurdac is indicated per package (28 tablets).

Daclatasvir prevents the reproduction of the virus inside the body. Not so long ago, interferon was the main treatment for hepatitis C. Today, interferon is practically not used, and preference is given to preparations containing Daclatasvir. The price of the tool is available to everyone and allows you to complete the entire course of treatment Qurdac is used in conjunction with other drugs to achieve the best effect. Most often, sofosbuvir is additionally prescribed, which provides 100% recovery.

Buy Daclatasvir should be for joint therapy with other drugs against hepatitis C 1, 2, 3, 4 genotype. Cirrhosis and other diseases of this organ do not interfere with treatment.

Qurdac is taken daily at the same time 1 tablet of 60 mg. In some cases, the doctor may reduce the dosage of the drug. Excess dose is not allowed. You can use the drug during a meal or after it. The tablet is washed down with a cup of water. If the tablet has not been taken, it is necessary to use the drug as soon as possible. The next dose is used at the usual time. But if more than 20 hours have passed, you should take a pill, and postpone the next one the next day.

Overdose is fraught with the appearance of side effects. The standard course of Daclatasvir is 12-24 weeks. In most cases, it is enough for the patient to take Qurdac for 3 months. If there is a severe form of hepatitis C, the specialist prolongs the course of treatment after testing.

1 out of 10 thousand patients may experience headache, nausea, weakness. To a lesser extent, upset stomach, dizziness, sleep disturbance, irritability, loss of appetite. All manifestations should be promptly reported to your doctor to adjust the treatment. If the severity of the symptoms is assessed by the doctor as low (grade 1 or 2), the treatment continues. 3rd degree of unpleasant effects requires discontinuation of the drug. Also Daclatasvir is canceled if there is no positive dynamics.

Qurdac is not allowed to receive in pregnant and lactating women, under the age of 18 years, as well as with lactose deficiency. Patients that are sensitive to the components of the tool should use Daclatasvir with caution. Daclatasvir is necessarily taken together with other drugs.

Drugs that cause a reduction in blood Daclatasvir can reduce its effectiveness, so they should be canceled. Qurdac is incompatible with drugs that release glycoprotein and cytochrome (phenobarbital, dexetasone, hunter, carbamazepine).

In a dry, dark place, out of reach of small children.

  • Trade name Qurdac
  • Substance Daclatasvir 60 mg
  • Manufacturer Strides Shasun
  • Packaging 28 Tablet
  • Country of origin India
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